Bossa nova “is the youngest child of traditional samba, who had an affair with jazz. It’s more a look than a kiss; more tenderness than passion; more a note than a message.” (Vinícius de Moraes)

Founded in 1999 by Sophie Wegener, ZONA SUL is a band dedicated to playing bossa nova, the music “invented” in the late 1950s by Brazilians João Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Inspired by the legendary Zimbo Trio and singer Elis Regina, the band ZONA SUL stays true to the Brazilian tradition, while having developed an original style by opening up their repertoire to French chansons and pop songs that have been arranged with a distinctly Brazilian flavor.

In 2003 the band recorded their critically acclaimed first CD: PURE LOVE – um amor tão puro. With “Dans mon île“ by Henri Salvador they made it onto the compilation “The finest in female vocal jazz“ alongside Diana Krall, Cassandra Wilson and Sade. The song was also played nationwide in Germany on Klassik Radio.

Upon its release in Germany in May 2006, ZONA SUL’s second album BEIRA made it to the top 20 in the German jazz charts. ZONA SUL’s music has received airplay on various radio stations in Europe and the band has given TV performances on German television.

In October 2013, their third CD, TEM MAIS SAMBA, was released.

ZONA SUL is enjoying a large fan base in their hometown of Munich and their concerts at the local jazz club, the Unterfahrt, are always sold out. (Unterfahrt was voted one of the 10 best jazz clubs worldwide by Down Beat magazine). So far, the band has given performances in Germany, Italy, Poland and South Korea. Now the band members would like to go further, broaden their horizons and bring the joy of their music to many other places.

Meaning of the band name
ZONA SUL: Southern part of Rio de Janeiro (Ipanema and Copacabana); birthplace of the bossa nova.

2003: PURE LOVE – um amor tão puro (nagel heyer records 2039)
2006: BEIRA (nagel heyer records 2066)
2013: TEM MAIS SAMBA (nagel heyer records 2100)

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